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Supersonic Years:  The Seventies Singles (10x 7" Singles vinyl Box Set)


Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles (10x 7" Singles vinyl Box Set)

by Black Sabbath

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From Black Sabbath’s debut single to their ultimate chart success with “Paranoid” & legendary ban on releasing singles, The Supersonic Years box set documents the band’s run of hit singles during this decade.

Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles Box Set, a limited-edition collection of ten 7-inch vinyl singles
Rhino’s new box set include versions of the five singles that Warner Bros. issued for the group in the U.S. during the 1970s.  (Warner Bros. controlled the rights for the band in the U.S., but Sabbath was distributed by other labels around the world.) The remaining five 45s were only issued in various other countries. (Please note that this set does not contain all of the singles issued by the group worldwide during the decade).  All ten singles in the box are housed in color picture sleeves from around the world, either rare or exclusive to this set.  Five of the songs are presented in their rare single edits: “Iron Man,” “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” “Am I Going Insane (Radio),” “Hard Road” and “Symptom of the Universe.”  A new booklet is included detailing the singles and exploring the birth of heavy metal.  The box set has been remastered by Andy Pearce.


Disc: 1

  1. Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me)


Disc: 2

  1. Wicked World (Remastered)


Disc: 3

  1. Paranoid (Remastered)


Disc: 4

  1. The Wizard (Remastered)


Disc: 5

  1. Iron Man (Remastered)


Disc: 6

  1. Electric Funeral (Remastered)


Disc: 7

  1. Tomorrow's Dream (Remastered)


Disc: 8

  1. Laguna Sunrise (Remastered)


Disc: 9

  1. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Remastered)


Disc: 10

  1. Changes (Remastered)


Disc: 11

  1. Am I Going Insane (Single Edit) [Remastered]


Disc: 12

  1. Hole In The Sky (Remastered)


Disc: 13

  1. Gypsy (Remastered)


Disc: 14

  1. She's Gone (Remastered)


Disc: 15

  1. It's Alright (Remastered)


Disc: 16

  1. Rock 'N' Roll Doctor (Remastered)


Disc: 17

  1. Never Say Die (Remastered)


Disc: 18

  1. She's Gone (Remastered)


Disc: 19

  1. Hard Road (Single Edit) [Remastered]


Disc: 20

  1. Symptom Of The Universe (German Single Edit)