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The Virtuoso Guitar Of Scrapper Blackwell (Vinyl LP)


The Virtuoso Guitar Of Scrapper Blackwell (Vinyl LP)

by Scrapper Blackwell

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Scrapper Blackwell (Born Francis Hillman Blackwell) set himself apart from his pre-World War II bluesman contemporaries by thevirtuosity of his guitar-work. Self-taught from an early age, Blackwell's playing was marked with clean and ornate precision, whichfrequently drifted out of the realm of blues and into that of early jazz, and was highly innovative for the time. In addition to recordingsolo, he frequently collaborated with pianist Leroy Carr to considerable success in the midwest and the South. By the end of the 1930showever, Blackwell had abandoned a career in music, finding himself unable to continue after Carr's death from nephritis in 1935. Bythe time the 1950s came about, a renewed interest in folk-blues had swept across the United States and Europe. This newdevelopment intrigued Blackwell enough to pick up where he left off, performing live for a new generation of blues fans, and cutting analbum's worth of material which showed his skills to be unweathered by the passage of time. Sadly, Blackwell's renewed fortuneswould be cut short when he was shot to death during a mugging in 1962. Blackwell's pre-revival material was collected in 1970 byYazoo Records into the record The Virtuoso Guitar Of Scrapper Blackwell. An essential collection of classic blues, featuring some ofBlackwell's most adept guitar-work, and many of his collaborations with Leroy Carr, and contemporaries like Black Bottom McPhail, andTommie Bradley. 

A1. Penal Farm Blues A2. Trouble Blues Pt. 1 A3. Trouble Blues Pt. 2 A4. Blue Day Blues A5. Good Woman Blues(with Leroy Carr) A6. My Dream Blues (with Black Bottom McPhail) A7. Hard Times Blues 

B1. Down In The Black Bottom (with BlackBottom McPhail) B2. Whiskey Man Blues (with Black Bottom McPhail) B3. Kokomo Blues B4. Down South Blues B5. Back Door BluesB6. Pack Up Her Trunk Blues (with Tommie Bradley) B7. Barrelhouse Woman No. 2 (with Leroy Carr)