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In The City (Vinyl LP)  In The City (Vinyl LP)


In The City (Vinyl LP) In The City (Vinyl LP)

by Mary Monday

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Former stripper Mary Monday had a life shrouded in mystery. Conflicting reports in the historic documentation as to the band and Mary's origins are still baffling punkologists to this day, especially her mysterious death a few years after this single's release in 1977. This is a classic piece of '70s SF punk history, featuring one of the most memorable singles of the era ('I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie'/'Popgun') plus studio material by Don Lamb, Rick Clare's The Street Punks and Da Statikz. 

Side A: 
1. Popgun 2. Teenage Teaser 3. Leave Us Alone 4. Suburban Boredom 5. Peace and Flowers (are dead) 6. Leave Us Alone 

Side B: 
1. Goin' To The City 2. T.V. Time 3. Cheap Girls 4. Get Outta' My Way