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Bratology (Vinyl LP)


Bratology (Vinyl LP)

by The Brats

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Before there was Kiss, before there were The Ramones and Blondie, there was The Brats.

The Brats and The New York Dolls were at the forefront of the NYC music scene of the '70s. Brats main man Rick Rivets actually quit The Dolls to form The Brats. The Brats would become the biggest draw in NYC, 1972 and every band hoped to open for them for the exposure.

Just ask any one of the members of KISS or The Ramones (“Beat on The Brat!”) or any other NYC band for that matter, The Brats were a big influence on them and the whole NYC punk and glam music scene of the Seventies.

This compilation includes tracks from the band's two self-released 7-inches, plus much more.

Side A: 
1. First Rock Star On The Moon 2 Keep Doin' (What You're Doin') (Single) 3. Be A Man (Single) 4. If You Can't Rock (You Can Roll) (Single) 5. Criminal Guitar (Demo) 

Side B: 
1. Quaalude Queen (Single) 2. You Got A Lover (Demo) (Recorded Live) 3. Cold Turkey (Demo) (Recorded Live) 4. Airfield Love Affair (Demo) (Recorded Live) 5. Pretty Woman