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Party Clowns (CD)


Party Clowns (CD)

by Pulp

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Recorded in 1991 at the tipping point of their fame throughout the 1990’s, Pulp perform a glorious set at London’s Town &Country Club in Kentish Town. As one of their first ever live performances on UK television, the band performed on a billtitled ‘Class of ‘91’.

Along with other emerging talent, in association with the NME, Central Television took the brave decision to record theband at the very point at which they were about to explode onto the mainstream music scene.The NME wrote “Pulp are the party clowns and wisely flaunt the metaphysical red noses with deadpannedglee. Singer Jarvis is to all intents and purposes Frank Spencer auditioning for Saturday Night Fever, andtherein lies the essence of Pulp - sartorial catastrophes dressed in funk-splattered overcoats. When they'renot getting groovy, the fivesome are manufacturing an absurd brand of pop which is more sly than a foxwith a crossbow. Furniture meets Chic and decides hey, maybe we can live together after all”.This amazing gig is an insight to the eclectic roots of the band’s musical style. The beginning of this recording even has aflavour of the eccentricity of lead singer Jarvis Cocker, arriving as he did just five minutes before going on stage, havingbeen stuck on a train returning from a stage night in Liverpool. His Rolf Harris-style Stylophone solo needs to be heard tobe believed.

1. Space
2. The Bed is Full
3. Live On
4. Love is Blind
5. Separations
6. Babies
7. Legendary Girlfriend
8. Countdown