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Original Album Series (5CD)


Original Album Series (5CD)

by Roy Wood

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The Move ‘Message From The Country’ – The Electric Light Orchestra ‘The Electric Light Orchestra’ – Roy Wood ‘Boulders’ – Wizzard ‘Wizzard Brew’ -  Roy Wood ‘On The Road Again’

The Move – Message From The Country (CD1)

Message From The Country

Ella James

No Time

Don’t Mess Me Up

Until Your Moma’s Gone

It Wasn’t My Idea To Dance

The Minister

Ben Crawley Steel Company

The Words Of Aaron

My Marge


The Electric Light Orchestra – The Electric Light Orchestra (CD2)

10538 Overture

Look At Me Now

Nellie Takes Her Bow

The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644)

First Movement (Jumping Biz)

Mr. Radio

Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)

Queen Of The Hours

Whisper In The Night


Roy Wood - Boulders (CD3)

Songs Of Praise

Wake Up

Rock Down Low

Nancy Sing Me a Song

Dear Elaine

(a)All The Way Over The Hill (b)Irish Loafer (And His Hen)

Miss Clarke And The Computer

When Gran’Ma Plays The Banjo

Rock Medley: (a) Rockin’ Shoes  (b)She’s Too Good For me  (c) Locomotive


Wizzard – Wizzard Brew (CD4)

You Can Dance The Rock ‘n’ Roll

Meet Me At The Jailhouse

Jolly Cup Of Tea

Buffalo Station-Get On Down To Memphis

Gotta Crush (About You)

Wear A Fast Gun


Roy Wood – On The Road Again (CD5)

(We're) On The Road Again

Wings Over The Sea

Keep Your Hands On The Wheel (Said Marie To The Driver)

Colourful Lady

Road Rocket

Backtown Sinner

Jimmy Lad

Dancin' At The Rainbow's End

Another Night

Way Beyond The Rain