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Number 8 Wire (CD)


Number 8 Wire (CD)

by Various Artists

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It might be thousands of miles from the acid capitals of the UK and the US, but who said New Zealanders couldn’t turn on, tune in and drop out too? Finally available on CD, this legendary compilation (first issued in a tiny edition 15 years ago) gathers 16 of the trippiest tracks recorded in NZ in the 1960s, and comes complete with detailed background notes.

1. The Gremlins - Blast Off 1970
2. The Smoke - Never Trust Another Woman
3. The Avengers - Water Pipe
4. The Group People - In The Night
5. Lew Pryme - Gracious Lady Alice Dee
6. The Hi-Revving Tongues - Tropic Of Capricorn
7. The La De Das - Find Us A Way
8. Larry’s Rebels - Coloured Flowers
9. The House Of Nimrod - Slightly-Delic
10. The Brew - Bengal Tiger
11. The Top Shelf - Time Beyond
12. The Music Convention - Footprints On My Mind
13. The Human Instinct - A Day In My Mind’s Mind
14. The Dave Miller Set - Mr. Guy Fawkes
15. Vicky & Dicky - I’m Allergic To Flowers
16. The Zarks - Jumbo