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Living In The Shadows (4CD Book-Back Set)


Living In The Shadows (4CD Book-Back Set)

by Bert Jansch

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  • 4CD: book-back set, comprising Jansch’s three studio albums from the 90s (The Ornament Tree; When The Circus Comes To Town; Toy Balloon)

Signifying a return to form that heralded one of the most prolific periods of his life, this special collection features some of Jansch’s finest work. Living In the Shadows includes an extra disc of demos, alternate versions and never-before heard tracks, transferred from Jansch’s personal tapes, alongside the three studio albums of the 1990s: The Ornament TreeWhen The Circus Comes To Town and Toy Balloon.

This trio of works represents quite different facets of Jansch’s talent; where Circus is a bluesy, late-night sounding party, Ornament is altogether more subdued, drawing on Maggie Boyle’s bodhran, flute and whistles to creative a sound that is nothing if not celtic. Toy Balloon falls somewhere in the middle, with that feeling of intimacy that is so Bert.

Despite these apparent contrasts, the unifying element is of course, Jansch’s guitar. There is an ease about these albums that suggests a musician that has found himself very at home—“just a simple soul”, to quote the man himself.

The real draw here for many Jansch fans will be disc four: unreleased tracks (including—let joy be unconfined!—one with John Renbourn), as well as alternative takes of familiar songs from the ’90s period. Chosen specifically for their contrast to the studio versions, these tracks are often more stripped-down or without the embellishment typical of the era. Mostly recorded at Bert’s home studio, this unheard and unreleased collection, transferred from Bert’s own DAT tapes, has a intimate quality that is incredibly moving.

1. The Ornament Tree
2. The Banks O’Sicily
3. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure
4. The Rocky Road to Dublin
5. Three Dreamers
6. The Mountain Streams
7. The Blackbirds of Mullamore
8. Ladyfair
9. The Road Tae Dundee
10. Tramps and Hawkers
11. The January Man
12. Dobbins Flowery Vale

CD or LP 2
1. Walk Quietly By
2. Open Road
3. Back Home
4. On One Around
5. Step Around
6. Step Back
7. When the Circus Comes to Town
8. Summer Heat
9. Just a Dream
10. Lady Doctor from Ashington
11. Steal the Night Away
12. Honey Don’t You Understand
13. Born With the Blues
14. Morning Brings Peace of Mind
15. Living in the Shadows

CD or LP 3
1. Carnival
2. She Moved Through the Fair
3. All I Got
4. Bett’s Dance
5. Toy Balloon
6. Waitin & Wonderin
7. Hey Doc
8. Sweet Talking Lady
9. Paper House
10. Born and Bred in Old Ireland
11. How It All Came Down
12. Just a Simple Soul

CD or LP 4
1. Morning Brings Sweet Peace of Mind
2. Back Home
3. Just a Dream
4. Untitled Instrumental
5. When the Circus Comes to Town
6. No-one Around
7. Lily of the West
8. Fool’s Mate
9. Paper Houses
10. Another Star
11. Little Max
12. Merry Priest
13. Untitled Instrumental 2 (Early Attempt With John Renbourn)
14. Untitled Instrumental 2 (With John Renbourn)

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