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Hivemind (180g Vinyl LP)


Hivemind (180g Vinyl LP)

by Plank!

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8/10 REVIEW IN UNCUT: “If 2012’s debut Animalism came steeped in ‘70s krautlore, this follow-up proves that Plank are much more than the sum of their record collections. Hivemind is far more extensive, providing a roof for sub-metal riffs, ambient bliss and a fair chunk of zingy electronica. The latter is at its keenest on "Aphidelity", whose groove latches onto the sweet spot between Giorgio Moroder and Crippled Black Phoenix. And while kosmische delights like "Drone" and "Waterboatman" are fine textural sound pieces, it’s the epic "Dark Web" – part Mogwai, part Sabbath – that best displays their voyaging new ambition.”

4/5 REVIEW IN Q: “As the shifting beats of Grasshoppers From Mars flow into the propulsive synths of Aphidelity and, eventually, the epic sweep of Khepri, Hivemind too evolves into a weird and wonderful album”

SUNDAY TIMES: “This Manchester trio's sophomore album reveals a group who can happily occupy any part of the krautrock spectrum (from Can to Neu!, and all points inbetween), while encompassing math-rock and post-rock influences”


“as the band move between blissful popol vuh style ambient heaviness ,metronomic jams. Math-rock  and full-tilt psyche wig-outs. Basically, it's the bees knees” Prog Rock

It’s in the haze of a cloud of chirruping insects that Plank return, following the success of their mammal-concerning debut LP Animalism.

Two years since that record gained plaudits and sold out vinyl run, the instrumental trio have thematically splintered the number of beings on Hivemind, paying homage to the millions of arthropods without which our global eco-system could not survive. It’s apt enough, really, because Plank themselves have opened up a whole new sub-species of sounds, elements and textures beyond their previous environment too, each track giving the feel of an overall movement through differing habitual undergrowth.

Definitely an album designed for vinyl (it’s on 180 gram) with side A more song structures (King Crimson, Camel, Trans Am, Giorgio Moroder, Kling Klang, Agitation Free, Steve Reich) and side B should be listened to as one complete piece ala DJed by Tortoise or Echoes by Floyd

1.Grasshoppers From Mars06:38
3.Dark Web07:04
4.Swarm Behaviour04:13
6.Moth Lover03:54


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