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Live In Chicago ‘94 (CD)


Live In Chicago ‘94 (CD)

by Uncle Tupelo

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Uncle Tupelo’s closing chapter on a seven-year career was announced with a farewell tour in 1994. The band had risen from their garage band incarnation with a charmed slant on their beloved country music and would be hailed as an alternative to the alternative!

Lincoln Park’s Lounge Ax club would host the band’s Chicago performance in March 1994. This was their native state and would see the band come full circle with their final album Anodyne. They had matured significantly, but early affections for Black Flag and Bob Dylan remained perfectly intact which is evident on the setlist reflecting on their last three albums.

Klondike proudly presents the entire WXRT-FM broadcast of Uncle Tupelo live at Lounge Ax, Chicago, Illinois from 24th March 1994. Professionally re-mastered original broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.

1. Chickamauga

2. Watch Me Fall

3. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

4. Fifteen Keys

5. The Long Cut

6. New Madrid

7. Sandusky

8. Looking For A Way Out

9. Slate

10. Atomic Power

11. Acuff-Rose

12. We’ve Been Had

13. Give Back The Key To My Heart

14. Postcard

15. Gun

16. Effigy


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