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Just Roll Tape


Just Roll Tape

by Stephen Stills

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"It's from a session of demos that I did April 26, 1968," said Stills.

"Basically I needed to get all the songs that I'd written for the first Crosby Stills & Nash album, and for my first solo album, down in some form or another. \"So I just walked in after a session I had done with Judy Collins, I think, and I bought (the time in) the studio after she was gone and said, \"Just roll tape.' \"When the session was done, Stills exited with a cassette-tape copy in hand, but left the master tape behind in the studio. Subsequently, he continued, \"The studio went out of business and they threw all of their tapes in a Dumpster. \"Before the studio turned into a restaurant or whatever it became, this band was renting the room to rehearse in. This was in the '70s or early '80s. And this guy sees a Dumpster full of tapes. And he goes, \"Can I look through those?' So he finds (the master reel) and he kept it.\"As fate would have it, the person who found the tape decided to store it in his basement where, said Stills, \"it was automatically cold and dry.\"Attempts to contact Stills were unsuccessful, so the tape's owner decided to reach out to Stills' bandmate, Graham Nash. \"He finally got it to Graham, and Graham took it to the studio without telling me, and just said, \"OK we're not even gonna bicker. We're gonna put it on the machine, and put the digital recorder on, and we're gonna just press play.'\"And the thing went off without a hitch. The tape was perfectly preserved.


The album cover, as a matter of fact, is a tape box. Stills' current tour, which kicked off Thursday in Reading, Pa., will find him doing a career retrospective, but not necessarily sticking to his best-known material. \"I do the ones that come easily, that are pertinent today,\" he said. \"I'm not gonna sit there and do \"Wooden Ships' acoustic like I do on

(Just Roll Tape)


1 All I Know Is What You Tell Me 2 So Begins The Task 3 Change Partners 4 Know You Got To Run 5 Doctor Will See You Now 6 Black Queen 7 Bumblebee (Do You Need A Place To Hide) 8 Judy 9 Dreaming Of Snakes 10 Judy Blue Eyes suite 11 Helplessly Hoping 12 Wooden Ships 13 Treetop Flyer bonus track CD 

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