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Emotional Mugger (Audio Cassette)


Emotional Mugger (Audio Cassette)

by Ty Segall

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The tireless Ty Segall spent most of 2015 touring hard andplaying in other bands and now he officially announces hisnext studio record. The new full length is called ‘EmotionalMugger’. It’s 11 tracks long and will be released on DragCity.· From the press release for ‘Emotional Mugger’:“Get in the booth -punch in the numberwhen they pick updon’t say a wordjust listenshout at the doublefrom the damned froma dry throatdry eye chuckleinsistent / elastic (but never plastic)thick / butt jump pierced bythe kidssweet angel voice sinister(what are they thinking)guitars sliced with scribblegraffiti sprawled across the hemispheres; stuttered,stunted, dual-mono machine dreams flashing suddenstereophobic and back again / two screens alone togethersqueezing shaking oozing metallic pool like brain blood,slowly draining away all mental life.shaking ass / nihility at most corrodescandy’s gone no morefun.”


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