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Grateful Dead



Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography 1965 – 1995 is a fine art, hardcover coffee table photography book that brings together, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of photographs from a wide range of photographers whose work has captured the Grateful Dead at different times throughout their career.

Features 220 images across 272 pages in a 12” x 12” 



"These photos really capture the spirit of the Grateful Dead’s 30-year adventure. Looking at this book, I was reminded of some amazing moments I’d forgotten." -- Phil Lesh

"It’s a startling reminder of how good things can get with a touch of grace, some laughter and a lot of good luck. You can almost hear the joy in these images that only music can bring." -- Mickey Hart

"It’s obvious that the authors of these photographs were great fans and also that they had a unique perspective. They were 'trusted.' Trusted so much that it’s certain that the band were completely comfortable in revealing the many faces of themselves." -- Graham Nash, Foreword

Disc 1