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1966 And All That /Big Time Operator  (4CD Boxset)


1966 And All That /Big Time Operator (4CD Boxset)

by Zoot Money's Big Roll Band

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Limited edition 2000 copies, signed by Zoot Money.

The one you should add to your collection.

Book-sized CD package.54 page book including photos sourced from the legendary Jeremy Spencer archive.

Essay written by Chris Welch with foreword by Zoot Money and Andy Summers.

All tracks remastered by Jon Astley and Eroc,

Zoot Money's Big Roll Band was one of the most popular and entertaining groups of the British R&B boom era. A charismatic personality, soulful singer and cool Hammond organist, Zoot was much loved by the Mods who flocked to his shows at London's In clubs like The Flamingo.The Beatles and Rolling Stones were among his greatest fans.

The Big Roll Band boasted an array of top class musicians, including guitarist Andy Summers, later to find fame with The Police, saxophonists Johnny Almond and Nick Newall,singer/bass player Paul Williams and drummer Colin Allen.

This essential 4 CD box set collection captures the band playing soul, jazz and R&B hits on stage and in the studio with energy,drive and humour. We hear them storm through dozens of songs,including Let The Good Times Roll, It Should've Been Me, Barefootin and their 1965 chart hit Big Time Operator.

Rare and historic 1966 recordings of the band in action,taped at The Flamingo and Klook's Kleek clubs,showcase Zoot's passion for the songs of James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles. BBC radio shows, presented by the late Brian Matthews, include interview spots with Zoot, between more swinging performances by the Big Rollers.A 4th CD version of Zoot's superb 1965 studio album It Should've Been Me has extra bonus tracks.

Detailed liner notes, complete with new interviews with Zoot Money and a brilliantly written foreword by Andy Summers, reminiscing about the unique atmosphere of the Flamingo Club, help make this eagerly awaited Box Set,an essential release for all lovers of Big Rollin R&B at its best.

Disc: 1

  1. Chauffeur
  2. The One And Only Man
  3. I've Been Trying
  4. Florence Of Arabia
  5. Let The Good Times Roll
  6. James Brown Medley: I'll Go Crazy Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
  7. Mashed Potato U.S.A.
  8. Nothing Can Change This Love
  9. Barefootin' (Tracks 1 - 9 from, Live At Klook's Kleek)
  10. Good
  11. Bring It On Home To Me
  12. Please Stay
  13. You Know You'll Cry
  14. Something Is Worrying Me
  15. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  16. The Many Faces Of Love (Tracks 10 - 16, BONUS TRACKS 1965 STUDIO SINGLES)

Disc: 2

  1. I Got You (I Feel Good)
  2. Smack Dab In The Middle
  3. Boot - Leg
  4. Train Train
  5. Ain't That Peculiar
  6. People Gonna Talk
  7. It Should've Been Me
  8. Hallelujah I Love Her So
  9. Self Discipline
  10. Rock Me Baby
  11. Stormy Monday Blues
  12. The Uncle Willie
  13. When I Met My Baby
  14. Blues March
  15. You Don't Know Like I Know
  16. Big Time Operator
  17. Hide Nor Hair
  18. Haunted House
  19. La La La La La / The 'In' Crowd (Tracks 1 - 19 from , Live At The Flamingo)
  20. Let's Run For Cover
  21. Self Discipline
  22. Big Time Operator
  23. Zoot's Sermon (Tracks 20 - 23, BONUS TRACKS 1966 STUDIO SINGLES)

Disc: 3

  1. Cool Jerk
  2. Big Time Operator
  3. Barefootin'
  4. I Can't Turn You Loose
  5. Chauffeur
  6. Picture Me Gone
  7. Star Of The Show
  8. Let The Good Times Roll
  9. Something's Worrying Me
  10. Ain't That Love
  11. You Don't Know Like I Know
  12. Let's Run For Cover
  13. People Gonna Talk (Tracks 1 - 13 from, Live at the BBC)
  14. The Uncle Willie
  15. Zoot's Suit (e)
  16. Gin House
  17. Rocking Chair (Tracks 14 - 17, BONUS TRACKS 1964 STUDIO SINGLES)

Disc: 4

  1. I'll Go Crazy
  2. Jump Back
  3. Along Came John
  4. Back Door Blues
  5. It Should've Been Me
  6. Sweet Little Rock And Roller
  7. My Wife Can't Cook
  8. Rags And Old Iron
  9. The Cat
  10. Feelin' Sad
  11. Bright Lights Big City
  12. Fina (Tracks 1 - 12 from It Should've Been Me)
  13. The Star Of The Show
  14. The Mound Moves
  15. Nick Knack
  16. I Really Learnt How To Cry
  17. Stop The Wedding
  18. Just A Passing Phase
  19. What Cha Gonna Do 'Bout It
  20. Coffee Song (Tracks 13 - 20, BONUS TRACKS 1966/67/68 IN THE STUDIO)