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Funky Bubbles (1967- 2017) (5CD Box)


Funky Bubbles (1967- 2017) (5CD Box)

by Linda Lewis

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 A box set of rarities hits and jewels of one of Britain’s most talented singer - songwriters 

• Co- Compiled by Linda herself the box set features UNRELEASED tracks including a recently discovered reel of tape recorded live in Boston USA, An exclusive interview with Linda by Liverpool DJ Jon Kirkman,Unpublished Photographs 
• Linda is embarking on a UK tour during August & September 2017 before returning to the studio to recordbrand new material 
• Features classic tracks Sideway Shuffle, Rock a doodle do, You turned my bitter into sweet (which has become amuch sought after northern soul collectible 45) originally issued in 1967 plus one of the songs in the collaboration with Basement Jaxx When the Lights Go Down. 

Artwork to follow.....

Disc 1. 'Latin Quarters' 52:00 1.So Sixties 2.Love Inside 3.Whatever 4.Do ya know Dino 5.In the Heat 6.Love Plateau 7.Sweet to do nothing 8.What's all this About 9.All my Laugh 10.Easy 11.Our day will come 12.Born Performer
Disc 2. 'Funk-Eh' 53:00 1.For Love Sake 2.Don't Come Crying 3.Breathing Space 4.Too Good to Be True 5.He's a Diamond 6.More than enough 7.Wearing Wings 8.Darlin’ (Groove) 9.Nobody but you 10.Soon Come 11.Makes you Wonder ( Linda Lewis / Robert Ahwai/ Lynton Naiff) 12.Last Call 
Disc 3. 'Bubbles' 47:00 1.Sideway Shuffle 2.Far Cry 3.Like I Dance 4.Mr Respectable 5.Earthed Again 6.Kiss of Life 7.(You are an) Angry Young Man 8.Doin’ The Right Thing 9.He's a diamond (Calypso) 10.Don't Come Crying (Acoustic) 11.And of The Sun. Disc 4 ‘First and Last Borne’ 
(Rarities)1.When the Lights Go Down (with Basement Jaxx) 2.You Turned My Bitter into Sweet (Pipkin /Gordon) 3.Do You Believe in Love? 4.Song for Alice (by Ferris Wheel) 5.I Know You Well (by Ferris Wheel) 6.Can't Stop Now (by Ferris Wheel) 7.Little Indians (by Ferris Wheel) 8.I Don't Do Don't 9.I keep a wish 10.I’m In Love again (Unreleased TV session) 11.Wise eyes (Unreleased TV session) 12.It’s the frame (Unreleased TV session) 13.What are you asking me for? (Unreleased TV session) 14.Rock a doodle do (Live broadcast version) 15.Light Years Away (The Basement sessions) 
Disc 5 - "Little Diamonds” - Live at Pauls Mall Boston 1973 1.Feel the Feeling 2.Lark 3.Spring Song 4.It’s the frame 5.What are you asking me for? 6.Unknown Blues 7.Funky Kitchen 8.Little Indians 9.Gladly give you my hand 10.If I could 11.I’m in love again 12.Old Smokey 13.Rock a doodle doo 14.On the stage All Songs by Linda Lewis except where stated