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Drawing Of Threes


Drawing Of Threes

by Desertshore

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Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon sings on 6 of the albums 10 tracks.

Drawing Of Threes is Desertshore’s second album but it’s their first with vocals. Their debut in 2010, Drifting Your Majestic was entirely instrumental.They didn’t set out to make this album with vocals. They had planned, after the critical success in the USand UK of Drifting Your Majesty, to continue in the instrumental form. Fate however, intervened. The two forces behind Desertshore come from quite different directions. Chris Connolly is a classically trained pianist who studied with Julian White and Sharon Mann in California. Phil Carney’s history is much more from the rock world. He played guitar in San Francisco legends, Red House Painters and later, Sun Kil Moon. The third force that intervened was Phil’s old band-mate from Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek. At San Francisco's Hyde Street Studios during this past_summer, Mark began production of Drawing Of Threes, as well as adding vocals, bass and subtle hints of nylon string guitar."My intentions were only to help produce the record, but melodies and lyrics were coming to me as I heard the music, so it felt natural to put a mic up. It was an interesting way to approach music, and I consider it a true co-writing experience between the three of us. The writing fell together very naturally and the songs don't feel overworked," Kozelek says. Kozelek ended up singing on six of the album's_ten tracks, and the result has a melodic, even pop flavor. But Desertshore still retains the willingness to define genres that characterized their first record. Tracks from Drifting Your Majesty were used on Showtime’s ‘Californication’ and also the documentary film, Mark Kozelek: On Tour. Drawing Of Threes combines shimmering guitar notes, resonant piano, subtle distortion and noise with Kozelek’s distinctive vocals to produce something new for both Desertshore and Mark Kozelek himself.

1. Diana
2. Mercy
3. Turtle Pond
4. Randy Quaid
5. Vernon Forrest
6. Molle
7. Light Flowers
8. Pollen Hinges
9. Hellborg
10. Matchlight Arcana