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All The News That's Fit To Sing (CD)


All The News That's Fit To Sing (CD)

by Phil Ochs

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All the News That's Fit to Sing was Phil Ochs' first official album. Recorded in 1964 for Elektra Records, it was full of many elements that would come back throughout his career. It was the album that defined his "singing journalist" phase, strewn with songs whose roots were allegedly pulled from Newsweek magazine. It is one in a long line of folk albums used to tell stories about everyday struggles and hardships. 


Philip David Ochs was an American protest singer and songwriter who was known for his sharp wit, sardonic humor, earnest humanism, political activism, insightful and alliterative lyrics, and distinctive voice. He wrote hundreds of songs in the 1960s and 1970s and released eight albums. Ochs performed at many political events during the 1960s counterculture era, including anti-Vietnam War and civil rights rallies, student events, and organized labor events over the course of his career, in addition to many concert appearances at such venues as New York City's Town Hall and Carnegie Hall. Politically, Ochs described himself as a "left social democrat"[1] who became an "early revolutionary" after the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago led to a police riot, which had a profound effect on his state of mind. After years of prolific writing in the 1960s, Ochs's mental stability declined in the 1970s. He eventually succumbed to a number of problems including bipolar disorder and alcoholism, and committed suicide in 1976. Some of Ochs's major musical influences were Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Bob Gibson, Faron Young, and Merle Haggard. His best-known songs include "I Ain't Marching Anymore", "Changes", "Crucifixion", "Draft Dodger Rag", "Love Me, I'm a Liberal", "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends", "Power and the Glory", "There but for Fortune", and "The War Is Over". 

1.  One More Parade  Phil Ochs 

  2.  The Thresher  Phil Ochs 

  3.  Talking Vietnam Blues  Phil Ochs 

  4.  Lou Marsh  Phil Ochs 

  5.  Power And The Glory  Phil Ochs 

  6.  Celia  Phil Ochs 

  7.  The Bells  Phil Ochs 

  8.  Automation Song  Phil Ochs 

  9.  Ballad Of William Worthy  Phil Ochs 

  10.  Knock On The Door  Phil Ochs 

  11.  Talking Cuban Crisis  Phil Ochs 

  12.  Bound For Glory  Phil Ochs 

  13.  Too Many Martyrs  Phil Ochs 

  14.  What's That I Hear  Phil Ochs 

  15.  Bullets Of Mexico  Phil Ochs