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Revolutionary Spirit The Sound Of Liverpool 1976 - 1988 (5CD/Book Deluxe Boxset)


Revolutionary Spirit The Sound Of Liverpool 1976 - 1988 (5CD/Book Deluxe Boxset)

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Liverpool in the 1970s…. The Beatles had gone, but the expectations remained. It took many years until, with the arrival of punk rock, the city’s tunesmiths were able to regroup and usher in a new generation of musical innovation which would form the backbone of the UK’s music scene throughout the 1980s. From Eric’s to the top of the charts, the city found its feet and once again became the epicentre of cool.

Revolutionary Spirit charts the rise of Liverpool and its music in the latter half of the 1970s and throughout the 1980s, from Deaf School and Spitfire Boys, via Zoo Records and Probe Plus, and onto the chart successes of Frankie, OMD, the Bunnymen and many others. Featuring cornerstone contributions from the city’s brightest stars - Bill Drummond, Holly Johnson, Ian Broudie, Pete Burns, Ian McCulloch, Julian Cope, Lee Mavers and co – and many more lesser-known legends, this is the unique tale of a city trying to find itself with the world watching – and succeeding.

 Extensive 5CD/book set exploring the ‘second wave’ of music on Merseyside, from 1976-1988

 Features classics, rarities, album tracks and previously unreleased gems from Echo And The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, OMD, The La’s, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Dead Or Alive, China Crisis, A Flock Of Seagulls, Wild Swans, Big In Japan and many more.

 5CD + 56pp A5 book format contains many artists’ own sleeve-notes, previously unseen photographs and essays from key observers and participants in the city’s music scene - Bernie Connor, Mike Badger, Yorkie and Joe McKechnie.

 Curated and designed by the people who brought you Scared To Get Happy, Still In A Dream, Manchester – North Of England, Silhouettes And Statues and many more extensive box sets.

 A remarkable journey through the music of a generation inspired and enabled by punk rock to step out from behind the shadow to the Fab Four.

Packed with first-hand artist sleeve-notes, insightful essays, imagery and brilliant, essential music, this is a story long in need of telling…


1. WHAT A WAY TO END IT ALL –Deaf School2. BIG IN JAPAN - Big In Japan3. SUFFICE TO SAY – Yachts4. THE PICTURES ON MY WALL -Echo And The Bunnymen5. LIL’S GONE TO PARIS –Ded Byrds6. BREAKTHROUGH IN GREY ROOM- 0-517. TODAY'S MYSTERY IS…- The Dance Party8. SLEEPING GAS -The Teardrop Explodes9. FACTION - Faction10. TOUCH –Lori And The Chameleons11. BLACK LEATHER -Nightmares In Wax12. BUNKER SOLDIERS - OrchestralManoeuvres In The Dark13. 194 RADIO CITY –Jaqui & Jeanette14. LONELY EVENING –Clive Langer And The Boxes15. MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT –Glass Torpedoes16. COULD THIS BE HEAVEN –Original Mirrors17. HEADS I WIN –The Moondogs18. BREAK IT TO ME GENTLY –The Planets19. DO THE CHUD –The Chuddy Nuddies20. BRITISH REFUGEE –Spitfire Boys21. THE DOCTOR - Geisha Girls22. DON'T STOP THE WORLD –Deaf School


1. DALEK I LOVE YOU (DESTINY)– Dalek I2. TELECOMMUNICATION -A Flock Of Seagulls3. WHEN I DREAM -The Teardrop Explodes4. HIT THE MOON - Ellery Bop5. NUCLEAR SUMMER –The Nice Men6. HUMAN FEATURES – Black7. TOTAL RECALL – Systems8. TOUCH - Freeze Frame9. SUPERMAN –Attempted Moustache10. INTERCONTINENTAL –Afraid Of Mice11. RESCUE –Echo And The Bunnymen12. PIGGIE IN THE MIDDLE EIGHT– Cook The Books13. CREATION REBEL – Windows14. MY MOTIVE –Chinese Religion15. TOO LATE TO FLY THE FLAG- Hambi And The Dance16. SOLDIERS - Egypt For Now17. DOWN AT THE ZOO -Those Naughty Lumps18. EUTHENICS – Modern Eon19. LAUNDERETTE –A Formal Sigh20. NIGHTLIFE - The Moderates



1. REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT(STEREO MIX) – Wild Swans2. AFRICAN AND WHITE –China Crisis3. DON'T LET GO –Pink Industry4. OBSESSIONS - Passion Polka5. I'M THINKING OF YOU NOW –Box Of Toys6. FLAMING SWORD – Care7. DORIAN GRAY –The Bamboo Fringe8. SHE'S LOCKED MY LIFE UP INHER SUITCASE – Steve Lindsey9. OCEANIC EXPLORERS –Ex Post Facto10. SOME ASPECTS -Chain Of Command11. HE'S DEAD ALRIGHT –Ambrose Reynolds12. ART ON 45 –Royal Family And The Poor13. THEMES FOR 'GRIND'SCENE V - Will Sergeant14. THROUGH THE GLASS -Shiny Two Shiny15. BIRDS FLY (WHISPER TO ASCREAM) – Icicle Works16. A GIGANTIC RAFT IN THEPHILIPPINES - It's Immaterial17. TOXTETH - Public Disgrace18. PLAYING FOR TIME –Send No Flowers19. THINGS HAVE LEARNT TOWALK THAT OUGHT TO CRAWL– The Room20. SHE KEEPS HER SECRET - TheBalcony (Mk I)21. BURST BALLOONS - TheTurquoise Swimming Pools


1. TWO TRIBES –Frankie Goes To Hollywood2. REASONS TO LIVE – Mr Amir3. EVERY DAY ANOTHER DREAM -Brenda And The Beach Balls4. THE FIRST PICTURE OF YOU –The Lotus Eaters5. MISTY CIRCLES – Dead Or Alive6. ARE YOU READY FOR THATFEELING? – Virgin Dance7. VALLEY OF EVERGREEN -Alternative Radio8. JIMMY'S GRIN – Margox9. - KARDOMAH CAFÉ (2017 MIX) –The Cherry Boys10. CONTRASTING STRANGERS –The Light11. JEAN'S NOT HAPPENING –Pale Fountains12. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE –The Balcony (MK II)13. WORKING FOR THE MAN –The High Five14. JAMES WHERE ARE YOU NOW? –The Press Gang15. MY WAR – Western Promise16. DON'T CRY DARLING (DADDY HADTO DROWN THE CAT) - Old MaCuxsom And The Soapchoppers17. HAPPEN - The Rioutous Hues18. BOMB SUTRA - Mel-O-Tones19. HELL - Marshmallow Overcoat


1. ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID –Jegsy Dodd And TheSons Of Harry Cross2. GET DOWN OVER - The La's3. HIP AND HER CHEEK ELECTRIC(DEMO) – Barbel4. A TRICK OF FATE – Magic Carpets5. DEVIL LAUGHING – Benny Profane6. THE TALLEST MAN – Jactars7. DIDN’T WE HAVE A NICE TIME? (ANDALL MY FRIENDS ARE HERE) - TheTempest8. PRECIOUS LOVE – The Onset9. PAT NEVIN'S EYES – The Tractors10. DANCE - Cyclic Amp11. WHEN YOU'RE IN - The DaVincis12. WAY OUT - The La's13. TANTRIC WIPEOUT –The Walking Seeds14. BURNIN' AND LOOTIN' –Ministry Of Love15. BIG BAD MONEY WORLD –A Game Of Soldiers16. ONLY IN AMERICA - Exhibit B17. SONS OF - Thomas Lang18. COME HOLY SPIRIT - RevolutionaryArmy Of The Infant Jesus