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Bring It On  (20th Anniversary Edition 4CD Box set)


Bring It On (20th Anniversary Edition 4CD Box set)

by Gomez

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Super Deluxe box set containing: 35 previously unreleased tracks. Collection features 25 demos & 13 songs never released in any form by Gomez, including covers of Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend” and “T-Bone Walker’s Mean Old World” plus the band’s 1998 Glastonbury performance and BBC sessions.
Package includes a 10,000-word essay by music writer Paul Stokes, with new interviews with the band and those close to them.
“No other record captures that period so perfectly,” says Elbow’s Guy Garvey. “The concerns of the songs. The stories, the experimental sounds. It was so brave for a band to record themselves at that time: it allowed a direct and undiluted account of the band as aspirational, big-hearted friends in love with making music and each other. It dared us to record ourselves. But they did it first. It’s the most deserving recipient of the Mercury Prize in its history: a breathlessly ambitious and lovingly crafted masterpiece. It should be called Bring It 'The Fuck' On.”
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Gomez’s Mercury Music Prize winning debut album, Bring It On will be re-mastered and reissued as a super-deluxe 4CD.
Bring It On is Gomez's half a million selling debut album (UK) that was recently voted the all-time best Mercury Music Prize winner by BBC 6 Music listeners.
The 4CD contains the original album remastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road studios and 35 previously unreleased tracks including 25 demos (recorded between January 1996 and August 1997) - 13 of which are appearing on an official Gomez release for the first time, including covers of Neil Young’s Unknown Legend and T-Bone Walker’s Mean Old World.
A previously unreleased recording of the band’s set at Glastonbury in 1998 will feature alongside B-sides (also remastered by Arkwright) and BBC sessions, as well as 10,000 word sleevenotes featuring interviews with the band and music industry insiders that details their meteoric rise to stardom with Bring It On.


1              Get Miles           

2              Whippin' Piccadilly          

3              Make No Sound              

4              78 Stone Wobble            

5              Tijuana Lady      

6              Here Comes the Breeze               

7              Love Is Better Than a Warm Trombone 

8              Get Myself Arrested     

9              Free to Run       

10           Bubble Gum Years          

11           Rie's Wagon      

12           The Comeback 

CD2: B-sides REMASTERED + 1997 Southport demos

1              Who’s Gonna Go the Bar             

2              Steve McCroski

3              Wham Bam        

4              Flavors 

5              Old School Shirt

6              The Cowboy Song           

7              Pussyfootin’      

8              Pick Up The Pieces         

9              Whippin’ Piccadilly (Turbo Version)         

10           Flats 1 & 2           

11           Collapse              

12           Hit On The Head              

13           Slot Machine     

14           Sweetest Song 

15           Buena Vista       

16           78 Stone Wobble            

17           Sun Rim Dips     

18           Walking Wounded          

19           Bluest Heaven  

20           Getting Rained On          

CD3: Demo tape to record labels + Sheffield demos + other demos

1              78 Stone Wobble            

2              Whippin’ Piccadilly          

3              Get Miles           

4              Tijuana Lady      

5              Rie’s Wagon      

6              Here Come The Breeze

7              Steve McCroski

8              Bring It On          

9              Emma Freud     

10           Touchin' Up       

11           Free To Run       

12           Unknown Legend           

13           Get Miles           

14           Mean Old World              

CD4: BBC radio sessions + Live at Glastonbury 1998

1              Brother Lead     

2              78 Stone Shuffle              

3              The Way You Do The Things You Do        

4              Here Comes The Breeze              

5              Stag O’Lee         

6              Whippin’ Piccadilly          

7              Get Miles           

8              Get Myself Arrested     

9              Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone

10           R & B    

11           Here Comes The Breeze              

12           Tijuana Lady      

13           Buena Vista       

14           Make No Sound              

15           78 Stone Wobble            

16           Soul Kitchen      

17           Whippin’ Piccadilly