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Neon In The Box (3x12”/1xLP Box Set)


Neon In The Box (3x12”/1xLP Box Set)


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NEON is undoubtedly one of the most influential and enduring bands of the Italian New Wave. From the beginning, the band’s music was perfectly aligned with continental trends—integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like NEON breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock ‘n’ roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time, in fact anticipating the advent of EBM.
This 4 piece vinyl boxed set contains the following releases: My Blues is You (1983), Dark Age (1984), Rituals (1985) and Red Light (1986). 
These are the finest examples of work from one of the 80s Italian scene’s finest groups.

My Blues Is You:

Side A:

 A1 My Blues Is You 
Side B: 

B1 My Blues Is You (Instrumental) B2 My Blues Is You (Slow Dub)

Dark Age:

Side A: A1 Dark Age 
Side B: 

B1 Last Chance

Side A: 

A1 Runnin' A2 Last Chance A3 Isolation A4 The Same Ritual 

Side B: 

B1 Dark Age B2 Harry B3 Burning Of The Midnight Lamp B4 My Blues Is You

Red Light:

Side A: 

A1 Red Light 
Side B:

 B1 Sister Shadow