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Who we are

20 years experience as a retail outlet and 15 years online without losing interest has helped SPIN survive where many independent music purveyors have failed. 

Refusing to be limited to any single niche but preferring to appeal to all styles, because that's what we listen to, we have ridden the waves of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray development, igorned digital downloads and enjoyed the rememergence of Vinyl.

Now, by allying ourselves to one of the UKs foremost creative web developers, we find ourselves ready for some changes. Our loyal band of followers can expect contact with Spin through social networking, blogging and electronic newsletters packed with vast quantities of information on current and forthcoming releases that will, hopefully, also appeal to some new folk (Nu-Folk?) along the way. 

Of course we will still offer the type of service that helps us stand apart from many other on-line dealers... you can still telephone and speak to a real live human being, you can email, write a letter send postal orders or cash as well as being able to securely buy on-line with confidence.

If pushed to describe our core business it would be something like this:  A Mojo/Word/Uncut?record Collector reading CD, DVD and Vinyl collector with one eye on classic 70s reissues and the other on anything interesting different or quirky that is emerging now. That's not to say we would turn our noses up at any chart material....or world music.....or prog.....or glam or.............