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Everybody Come To Church (Limited Blue Vinyl LP)

by Evil Blizzard

Released: 9th October 2015
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Like Hawkwind on even more acid or Sunn O))) meets Butthole Surfers/P.I.L. with four bassists and droning powerfulsongs...Those masked marauding architects of cacophonic, bombastic, psychedelic bass bothering rock have been at it again,by which we meanmakinganother album of unrivalled and quintessentially unique rock music.VINYL LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON BLUE VINYL.Everybody Come To Church is the new album from Evil Blizzard. To say it’s been eagerly awaited in many quarters is anunderstatement, something we reckon fellow North-West based musician Mr Mark E. Smith, who’s been heard to say ofthe Blizzard “I like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking” will no doubt agree with. The Guardianare also huge fans of the band having featured them on their cover and describing them as“…afearsome collision ofHawkwind, krautrock, molten noise, dazzling psychedelic lights and weird, gnarly looking masks.”The album was “recorded live in one day with minimal overdubs at Magnetic North Studios” “Everybody Come ToChurch is a fierce, spontaneous outburst of evil noise.” Like we’d expect anything less. They hadonly four songs writtenbefore entering the studio and the rest of the album just ‘happened’ around ideas they’d had knocking about.“EverybodyCome To Church features eight tracks of brooding, sinister psychedelic rock that will melt your mind and soul. You havebeen warned” concludes the press release. Amen to that.And so to the first proper taster off the album. Evil Blizzard acolytes (of which there are many) will already be familiar withit as it first saw the light of day as a single released by our friends over at Rocket Records. The rest of you are in for atreat, so click play, sit back and prepare to enter the world of Evil Blizzard.

1 Are You Evil? 2 Stupid People 3 Bow Down And Pray 4 Spread The Fear 5 Sacrifice 6 Balloon 7 Laughing Gas 8Watching

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