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Live at Carnegie Hall (Numbered Limited Vinyl 2LP)

by Bill Withers

Released: 28th July 2014
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On par with the most treasured concert albums of the 60s and

70s, Bill Withers’ transformative Live at Carnegie Hall is a forgotten

classic—an easygoing portrait of a down-home soul artist coming

into his own in front of an audience eager to share every moment of

his brilliance. Soothing with subtlety, charming with calmness, and

healing with a vocal timbre as relaxing as his grooves, Withers uses

the stage to expand the range of favorites and engage in dialog with

the crowd. The antithesis of the sweaty R&B shouter that prowls the

edge of stages, Withers deals in mellowness and vulnerability. The

songs span soul, blues, and folk and often times, contain elements

of all three styles. Credit goes to his easygoing style and relatable

lyrics, not to mention a tight-as-a-vice band that on this night is

simply “on.”

Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s 180g

2LP and hybrid SACD of this extraordinary 1973 record provides a

transparent view of Withers’ relaxing timbre and the subtle grooves

underlining his arrangements. Characteristics ranging from the

tension of the guitars, funky bends of the bass, whisper-soft coo of

the formal strings, airiness of the backing harmonies, and sharpness

of the snare drum emerge with utmost clarity. Aspects that make

this concert document unique—the energetic crowd, the undeniable

communicative bond between the performer and his fans—are

brought into fuller relief. While most live albums give you the sense

of what transpired, Mobile Fidelity’s limited-edition reissues make it

seem that what you’re hearing and sensing is happening right now.


· Stupendous 1973 Concert Set Ranks Alongside

James Brown’s Live at the Apollo and B.B. King’s Live

at the Regal

· Easygoing Portrait of Down-Home Soul Singer Coming

Into His Own and Establishing an Indelible Bond Between

Performer and Audience

· Mastered From the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity

Takes You Inside the Famed Venue and Lets You Be Part

of the Event


F Minor - Mofi

MFSL 2446 - 821797244619

Numbered Limited Edition 180g 2LP

1. Use Me

2. Friend of Mine

3. Ain’t No Sunshine

4. Grandma’s Hands

5. World Keeps Going Around

6. Let Me In Your Life

7. Better Off Dead

8. For My Friend

9. I Can’t Write Left Handed

10. Lean on Me

11. Lonely Town, Lonely Street

12. Hope She’ll Be Happier

13. Let Us Love

14. Harlem/Cold Baloney

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