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Pno, Gtr, Vox (Live Performances by Peter Hammill) (2CD)


Pno, Gtr, Vox (Live Performances by Peter Hammill) (2CD)

by Peter Hammill

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While continuing to play his part in the ongoing career of Van der Graaf Generator - indeed, perhaps because the louder side of his nature is very much fulfilled in that environment - Peter has found himself increasingly drawn towards genuine solo performance when under his own name.

Over a series of tours he has reconnected with songs old and new in the ultimate stripped-down format of piano and voice, guitar and voice. This double CD, taken from concerts in Japan and the UK in 2010 is Peter's first solo live recording since 1999's "Typical" and shows him at the peak of his powers, pushing and stretching both himself and the material into and out of shape.

One CD is of Piano songs, the other guitar ones, following a matrix first laid down in the Tokyo shows. The songs are taken from the length and breadth of Peter's career and this release, documenting his solo performance style, is an important addition to his body of recorded work. 



1. Easy to Slip Away 

2. Time Heals 

3. Don’t Tell Me 

4. Shell 

5. Faculty X 

6. Nothing Comes 

7. Gone Ahead 

8. Friday Afternoon 

9. Traintime 

10. Undone 

11. The Mercy 

12. Stranger Still 

13. Vision… 


1. Comfortable 

2. I will Find You

3. Driven

4. The Comet, the Course, the Tail 

5. Shingle Song 

6. Amnesiac 

7. What’s it Worth? 

8. Ship of Fools 

9. Slender Threads 

10. Happy Hour 

11. Stumbled 

12. Central Hotel 

13. Modern 

14. Ophelia