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Invigorated by having shaken up the personnel of the Mothers, in 1971 Frank Zappa was enjoying himself more than ever. Having played a gig earlier in the evening, the band taped this largely acoustic set for broadcast on the local CKGM-FM radio station. It finds Zappa backed by ex-Turtles Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (aka the Phlorescent Leech & Eddie), as well as Jim Pons, Ian Underwood, Bob Harris and Aynsley Dunbar, and is presented here complete with background notes and images.

1.       Daddy's Home
2.       The Polka / drum solo
3.       Mudshark
4.       Magdalena
5.       Station ID by Frank
6.       Jam (including Pirate Jenny / Nikki Hoi)
7.       Daddy Daddy Daddy
8.       She Painted Up Her Face
9.       Band intro by Mark Volman
10.  Oh Baby Don't Drop It
11.  Happy Together / Penis Dimension
12.  Outro by Frank / Polka reprise
13.  CHOM

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