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Original Album Series (5CD)

by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Released: 11th September 2015
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Probably the most inventive saxophonist in jazz history, Rahsaan Roland Kirk could play several horns at once, and make his own instruments.  By no means a novelty act, his technique was flawless.  Here we bring together his first five albums for the Atlantic label, originally released between 1967 and 1971:

After 5 years and over 1 million sales worldwide, the ‘Original Album Series’ continues to offer music lovers the easiest way to get their hands on the catalogue of the world’s biggest artists. Each one houses 5 albums all with their original artwork and music in slipcase form. With near 200 artists available and covering all manner of genres and era’s it’s the most convenient and affordable way to enjoy timeless music!

1.    Here Comes The Whistleman
Roots, Here Comes The Whistleman, I Wished On The Moon, Making Love After Hours, Yesterdays, Aluminum Baby, Step Right Up
2.    The Inflated Tear
The Black And Crazy Blues, A Laugh For Rory, Many Blessings, Fingers In The Wind, The Inflated Tear, The Creole Love Call, A Handful Of Fives, Fly By Night, Lovellevelliloqui
3.    Left & Right
Black Mystery Has Been Revealed, Expansions, Lady's Blues, IX Love, Hot Cha, Quintessence, I Waited For You, A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
4.    Volunteered Slavery
Volunteered Slavery, Spirits Up Above, Ma Cherie Amour, Search For The Reason Why, I Say A Little Prayer, Roland’s Opening Remarks, One Ton, Ovations & Roland’s Remarks, A Tribute To John Coltrane (Lush Life / Afro Blue / Bessie’s Blues), Three For The Festival
5.    Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata
Something For Trane That Trane Could Have Said, Island Cry, Runnin’ From The Trash, Day Dream, The Ragman And The Junkman Ran From The Businessman They Laughed And He Cried, Breath-A-Tron, Rahsaanica, Raped Voices, Haunted Feelings, Prelude Back Home, Dance Of The Lobes, Harder & Harder Spiritual, Black Root


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