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Magic Castles


Magic Castles

by Magic Castles

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Magic Castles had self-released three albums (two in 2009), all of which are currently out of print, before fans landed a You Tube video in the hands of the legendary Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) via the We Are The Radio/Dead TV experimental social media phenomenon in 2010. On hearing the tracks Anton quickly asked the band to sign to his label which they did in 2011.

Magic Castles are a band from Minneapolis Minnesota that was abruptly formed in 2006 by Jason Edmonds, with the help of guitar-ace Jeremiah Doering and a rotating cast of players and friends. Lyrically concerned with trolls, golden birds, and other creatures conjured from the lands of the mushroomed mind, the band takes a journey-is-better-than-the destination approach. Inspired by Spacemen 3, Skygreen Leopards, Galaxie 500, the band combines warm Farfisa drones with hazy guitars and bright vocal harmonies to create something similar without sounding redundant.

1) Death Dreams , 
2) Now I'm a Little Cloud , 
3) Imaginary Friends , 
4) Ballad of the Golden Bird , 
5) All My Prayers... , 
6) Songs of the Forest, 
7) 10,100, 
8) Letterbox , 
9) Big Sur , 
10) Mystical Sage , 
11) Emory's Memories