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Fire Records announce release of the first full studio recording from the legendary Rocket From The Tombs. The group that spawned Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys. This is their first ever release in 37 years. Fire will also reissue the 2002 collection of live recordings and b-sides, 'The Day The Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs'. It’s the ultimate understatement to say we’re excited to be releasing Rocket From The Tombs first studio album.  The five-piece from Cleveland, Ohio called it a day in 1975 and in the ashes of Rocket From the Tombs the lads released material in bands Pere Ubu, Dead Boys and Stiv Bators.  However, it was their work in Rocket From The Tombs that would inform the sound in their later projects, “Ain’t It Fun” would continue to be played in Cheetah Chrome’s group Dead Boys amongst others while David Thomas utilized “Final Solution” in Pere Ubu.   2002 saw the first official release of Rocket From the Tombs culling bootlegs, demos and live rarities on the universally loved ‘The Day The Earth Met Rocket From The Tombs’, which went on to influence bands today affirming Rocket From The Tombs songs are as imperative now as they were 37 years ago.  David Thomas pledges, “I know that if we had recorded a studio album in the 70s it wouldn't have been far off from Barfly. You need only really listen to the ideas behind the grunge and Lo-Fi expediency.”  ‘Barfly’ opens with head turner “I Sell Soul”, a feverish rock number offering up all of the meat and none of the gristle, Thomas continues, “It's a brazen and unapologetic re-affirmation of the power of guitar rock, direct but also possessing great depth of texture and subtlety with a heavy dose of bad attitude.”  From feel-good track “Sister Love Train” to the heartfelt “Romeo and Juliet”.  Rocket From the Tombs have delivered the holy grail of damaged garage rock. 37 years in the waiting ! 

1 I Sell Soul, 
2 Birth Day, 
3 Anna, 
4 Butcherhouse 4, 
5 Romeo & Juliet, 
6 Sister Love Train,
7 Love Train Express, 
8 Good Times Never Roll, 
9 Six And Two, 
10 Maelstrom, 
11 Pretty